by webifiadmin — Posted on August 8, 2018

Many people love and adore our Uptown fragrance. It’s sassy, robust and evokes major curiosity. Our uptown fragrance was inspired by a trip we took to NYC, in fact the weather right now in London is reminding me very much of hot Friday evenings in NYC … the atmosphere is electric.

The first fragrance note which instantly hits you with Uptown is of course the lemon. If ever you’re in NYC at this time of year and have the chance to visit the local markets, DO! On one of our little trips to Nolita market I came across limequats which are deliciously sweet and Zingy. I also developed a slight obsession with a lemon cheesecake… I tried many, but Magnolia bakery was my fav! There was also a man in central park selling fresh lemonade, the queue was a mile long, and after tasting it, you’d understand why! So refreshing. I know lemons are not the first fruit you’d think of when picturing the Big Apple, but for me lemons were a true element to my magical journey there, so had to be a focal point in this fragrance.

The next notes are inspired by the women of NYC. They are confident, individual, and just so passionate. Picture all four of the Sex and the City stars. I wanted them all in this fragrance freesia, peony, pear and patchouli. In my mind, Samantha is definitely patchouli, strong and intoxicating and an essential ingredient for any sassy fragrance.

The final note is musk. Now there can be many different interpretations of musk, but in my mind, musk has a glamorous and mysterious edge which almost adds a layer of age and maturity into Uptown. I feel it lets the fragrance linger for a little… the same way that the night lingers in the city that never sleeps.

To Uptown. It instantly transports me and if I ever need a little boost in motivation or confidence, Uptown is my first go to.

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