by webifiadmin — Posted on July 4, 2018

Summer can be a fabulous time to explore new fragrances and take inspiration from seasonal produce and traditions. We long for those citrus fruits and cold refreshing drinks when the sun goes down that reminds us of being on a beach somewhere totally luxurious.

In this blog we wanted to tell you a little about our inspiration for our Vibe fragrance. Its undoubtedly the most summery fragrance we have. Its full of lime and zingy lemongrass and no matter how grey and mundane normal life may get, this fragrance can transport us to Ibiza in a matter of seconds.

When making all of our fragrances, the first thing we ask ourselves is ‘how do we want this fragrance to make us feel?’ and you guessed it, with this one I wanted to feel like a bronzed goddess perched on a crisp white beach bed, sipping a cocktail as big as my head.

The moment you light a Vibe candle you get an instant hit of citrus. Just like that first sip of your margarita, the top note of lime is unmistakable and unashamedly confident. I’m a huge fan of limes as they are so versatile. Limes combine effortlessly with many flavours and also many scents. The citrus note is great for uplifting and awakening so a perfect scent for a Monday morning! As the first note of citrus lingers you’ll get the middle and base notes coming through.

These notes consist of ginger and lemongrass. They add punch and complete character to this fragrance. Just the same as lime, these ingredients make a fabulous combo whether they’re on your plate or in a perfume bottle! Ginger in particular adds a little spice here allowing the fragrance to keep its chic and distinctive edge. There’s a bar called Ginger at Sa punta Ibiza which actually inspired me to add ginger to this fragrance and if you see the picture below, this is where I envisage being when I light my Vibe candle- a happy place!

The main base note of this fragrance is Pine. Now pine trees are widely found in Spain and in fact my inspiration to have this as a base note came from a place in Marbella called Los Pinos. The fragrance in the air here, especially at night when the sun has gone down is just gorgeous. Using Pine as a base note in this fragrance really helps to tie things up together harmoniously.

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