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Effortlessly chic and a tad audacious, this one has it all.

Fragrance Notes


Ginger lily


A touch of cardamom, uplifted by gingerlily carried on a silky bed of tonka bean and amber.


An Unmistakable Charm. Innocent But Totally To Blame

Fragrance Notes

Pink Rose


Oak Moss

Luscious peonies mingle with flirtacious pink rose complemented by sweet textures of vanilla and moss.


Daring, sensual, irresistable.

Fragrance Notes


Red Rose


A dash of clove, a sprinkling of rose embossed with a magical kiss of oud.


Sparkling and sassy, ready to rock.

Fragrance Notes


Asian Pear


Tingling lemon with a pop of pear and peppered with musky patchouli.


White sands, blue seas, smell that vacation breeze.

Fragrance Notes




Persian lime laced with a zing of lemongrass, garnished with a dash of ginger.


Welcome home.

Fragrance Notes



Cedar wood

A delicate blend of earthy fig and mesmerising hyacinth wrapped with a gentle whisper of cedarwood.


Unruffle the feathers, find your calm.

Fragrance Notes




Serene lavender and eucalyptus blended with gentle musk and patchouli.

Discover your Club 22 Fragrance!

Take the below test to find out the fragrances you are most likely to love from our collection.

  1. Where would you rather be for a long weekend break?
    1. Paris
    2. New york
    3. South of France
    4. Ibiza


  1. How would you describe your style?
    1. Chic and feminine
    2. Sex and the city glam
    3. Laid back and understated
    4. Boho/ whatever I feel like


  1. Which cocktail/drink would you order at a bar?
    1. Champagne
    2. A cocktail
    3. Glass of wine
    4. Corona with fresh lime


  1. Which is your favourite type of fabric to wear?
    1. Cashmere
    2. Silk
    3. Cotton
    4. Denim


  1. Which activity would you be most likely to do?
    1. Yoga/Pilates
    2. Gym hit or dance class
    3. Jogging/ walking
    4. Swimming
  1. What is your fav type of interior décor?
    1. Neutrals with lots of fresh flowers
    2. Contemporary with statement lighting and pops of colour
    3. Country rustic&minimal
    4. Chilled with a hippy twist


  1. How would your friends describe you?
    1. Elegant and a mild perfectionist
    2. Adventurous with a sassycharm
    3. Easy-going and chilled
    4. Fun, life and soul of the party


  1. Which type of music would you rather listen to?
    1. Jazzy house music
    2. Top hits, more RnB and pop
    3. Indie, more mellow music
    4. Holiday tropical music


  1. If you were an animal, what would you be?
    1. Swan
    2. Peacock
    3. Koala
    4. Dolphin


  1. Pick a sweet treat:
    1. Raspberry Macaron
    2. Chocolate Brownie
    3. Vegan lemon & elderflower tart
    4. Coconut ice cream

Mostly A’s

Mostly A’s

oo la la You’ll love Darling and Swish

Mostly B’s

Mostly B’s

You’ll adore Rouge and Uptown, sassy!

Mostly C’s

Mostly C’s

Casa and Groove are your kinda scent!

Mostly D’s

Mostly D’s

your positive soul will love Vibe!

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